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Welcome to First Congregational Church
Corvallis, Oregon

We're glad you are here!

Welcome to Advent ...

Advent is the 4 week season of the Church calendar that precedes Christmas.

The roots of the tradition are buried deep within the earth itself ... coming from the reality of the ancient, agrarian world. In the northern hemisphere - the light has been fading for some time when we arrive at the end of November. The harvest has been gathered and the pre-scientific world had every reason to wonder if the light would return - if the earth would warm and crops would grow again. Our bodies remember this rhythm ... many of us feel sadder and more anxious, tired and even fearful during the dark months of November and December. 

The return of the light - Winter Solstice, aligns with the Christian promise (the adventus) of the baby. Gayle Boss writes, "The early Fathers of the Christian Church read the ebbing of light and heat and vegetable life each year as a foreshadowing of the time when life as we know it will end completely. That it will end is the rock-bottom truth we sense deep in our primal bones every December, and it rightly terrifies us. To their and our abiding fear of a dark ending, the Church spoke of an adventus: a coming. Faith proclaimed, When life as we know it goes, this year and at the end of all years, One comes, and comes bringing a new beginning."

The season of Advent is a time to lean into fear, and to remember the hope that lives, even here. 

This year, Advent feels particularly prescient. There is so much that has felt heavy for so long and so much we're hoping for, just around the corner. May it be so.

I hope you will join us this season as we move through Advent 2020, remembering that new life always begins in the dark.

Pastor Jen

Socially Distant but Virtually Present!

Join us online as we gather on Sundays and throughout the week as we learn what it means to be the Church - the people of God, doing the work of God in the world.

When it is safe to gather again in person - we'll be back in the Sanctuary. Until then, you can find us here.


Compline or Evening Prayers 

Reverend Jen Butler offers Compline - Prayers at the End of the Day - at 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday. Click here.


Morning Prayers

Reverend Walter Balk offers a prayer time at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday. This is a time to find spiritual grounding before you enter your day. Click here.


Sunday Worship

Clergy offers a meditation at 10 a.m. each Sunday, our regular worship time. 

Join the meditation live. Click here.


Christmas Eve Service
7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 24

Click here.


Christmas Day Vespers
5 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 25
Click here.


We will continue our online ministry until we are able to meet together once again at First Congregational Church.

Safe Camp

Safe Camp is the original location of the SafePlace program - a project of Unity Shelter that assists individuals, couples, and families in housing transitions by providing safe, temporary housing coupled with case management, and/or peer support services.

Learn more about Safe Camp here. 

"I think it's the welcoming spirit that I love the most."


First Congregational Church of Corvallis is a progressive, Open and Affirming church with a strong commitment to social justice. We celebrate compassion, diversity and inclusivity, respecting people wherever they may be on their faith journey.


Our Location

4515 SW West Hills Road

Corvallis, OR 97333

Ph. 541-757-8122

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We would love to hear from you! Please connect by dropping us a line.



A Message From Our Pastor

First Congregational is a Just Peace, inclusive community of Christian faith in Corvallis. We're a church where all are welcome - and where ‘all’ really does mean all. We are real people who care about nurturing love and belonging in the world, most often in the context of Christianity. We worship with tradition and innovation, weaving our liturgies and stories together every Sunday morning. We tell stories from the Bible and our lives, knowing that every story is a holy one.

If you are looking for a faith community to call home, we would love to meet you!

Pastor Jennifer Butler

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