Our children's Spiritual Formation and Education programs follow the academic year. We are so excited to begin this year with new curriculum and new teachers.

This year, Joseph Nilaver will be our lead Godly Play teacher. Four and five year olds will join him upstairs in Room 6 on Sunday mornings.

Jaqui Eicher joins our staff as WOW lead teacher, assisted by Chloe Curtis who many of you met over the summer. WOW is for 6-year olds through 5th grade.

Mateo McCann cares for our under 4 crowd in the nursery, joined by church volunteers.

Your child is invited to begin worship in the Sanctuary and move to their appropriate classroom during the passing of the peace. Parents, you are asked to accompany your child to the education wing, meet their teacher, and make sure we have a current information form on file for your child. Download the form.

If you would like to volunteer to assist in a classroom, or serve on our Children's Ministry Team, please contact Pastor Jen or Annemieke in the office.