by Matthew Nelson

Beloved Bisexual

The Beloveds

"This is an ongoing series of people who live on the edges of belonging, unwelcomed, or reviled by the majority. They are those who are often ignored, unseen and judged as less than whole because of who they are, how they look, how much they have, what has happened to them, or the conditions they live in.


"The circle (halo) behind them represents the sacredness and wholeness of the individual as is, despite the demands or preconceptions of the world. The names displayed were chosen by those in the paintings.


"In truth, we are them and they are us. No one is broken, or damaged goods. We are all  beautiful people, whole and complete as we are, and we all deserve an equal place at the table of community."


Matthew M Nelson
October 30, 2021


All original works are acrylic on canvas on panel and are on display at the church.
These works, gifted to the church by the artist, were intended to be part of an ongoing series. It was cut short by Matthew's untimely death.


Beloved Alcoholic

Beloved Black Man

Beloved PK

Beloved Untouchable

Beloved American Indian

Beloved Homeless

Beloved Muslim

Beloved Assault Survivor

Beloved Bipolar

Beloved Assault Survivor

Beloved Down Syndrome

Beloved (Look in the Mirror)
Media: Acrylic and Mirror On Panel