'This Little Light of Mine' 

Sunday, October 27, marks the official start of stewardship season at First Congregational, but the work of stewardship goes on year-round and is carried forward by every member of the church. This work, of course, helps to keep the lights on in the church, and that’s important. But it also helps to keep so many other lights burning as well.

It helps to illuminate our own personal spiritual journeys. It also helps ensure that the light First Congregational offers keeps shining outside our walls and in our communities. In these times, which can feel so dark, it’s important that we keep our lights shining.

That’s why we’re returning to the theme of “This Little Light of Mine” for our pledge campaign this year.

On November 17, we’ll distribute the pledge cards. On November 24, we’ll return those pledge cards and celebrate.

In the time leading up to those dates, we’ll have the chance to reflect on what it means to be part of a faith community – and this community in particular. We’ll ponder issues of scarcity and generosity. We’ll get a chance to check in on the status of each our “little lights.” Does it need a bit of recharging? Are there areas that need some new illumination? How do you want to be involved in the life of the congregation this year? What do you want to be invested in this year?

Work is continuing on the proposed budget for 2020, and we’ll have time during the campaign to go into that in depth. For now, know that the main investment in that budget comes in the area of personnel as we add a second pastor.

We have some surprises planned along the way in this year’s campaign. And we want to celebrate the truly wonderful things that have happened this year in our church. We want to build on these wondrous moments. We want to keep our lights shining bright.

Stewardship Team

Important dates:

Adult Christian Education at 9 a.m. on November 10 and 17 will focus on stewardship

November 17: pledge packets will be handed out
November 19: unclaimed pledge packets will be mailed

November 24: pledge cards will be collected during worship at 10 a.m. 

If you have questions, please call or email the church office: / 541-757-8122