While we appreciate your generosity in wanting to donate household items and furniture and other items, we simply cannot manage an influx of donated items. If we have a specific need, we will make it known. But for now, Safe Camp is not in need of things.

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Safe Camp Updates

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The national website for the United Church of Christ posted an article about Safe Camp on Nov. 5, 2019.
See the article here.

Safe Camp is a temporary and transitional space for 16 houseless campers on First Congregational UCC's property.

The camp sprung up overnight as this vulnerable population was pressured to vacate the forested area between the Church and 53rd Street.

At this time, Safe Camp has received permission from Benton County to operate until late October.

In the meantime, church volunteers are working with city and county officials, law enforcement, and social service agencies in an effort to proof a concept: that legal and managed camping may be part of the solution as the city and county work to alleviate the housing crisis.

Safe Camp's day-to-day operations are modeled after Opportunity Village in Eugene.  Safe Camp is currently managed by Eric Bursky who is on site several hours each day.

Pastor Jen Writes 'Interfaith Voices' Column for the Gazette-Times

Some Background Information

For information on what has happened at the church, see:

(Links are subject to change by the news websites.)

For information related to homeless rights advocacy, see The Homeless Rights Advocacy Project

For information related to religious institutions and houseless advocacy, see this PDF document from the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project

Who's Involved

The Safe Camp Steering Committee consists of:

- Rev. Jennifer Butler, senior minister of First Congregational UCC

- Jane Barth, community volunteer and representative of Corvallis Sustainability Coalition

- Robin Frojen, First Congregational UCC member

- Cassandra Robertson, owner of Abundant Solar and representative of Corvallis Sustainability Coalition

- Jim Swinyard, community volunteer and member of Corvallis United Methodist, former Benton County Sheriff

- Virginia Gustafson Lucker, member of First Congregational UCC

- Tim Roach, retired Presbyterian pastor and member of First Presbyterian Church

- Jill McAllister, minister of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

- Aleita Hass-Holcombe, member of First Congregational UCC and executive director of Corvallis Daytime Drop-In Center

- Garrett Beatty, pastor of Corvallis Evangelical Church

- Andrea Myhre, director of Corvallis Housing First

Mike Moore, director of public affairs, Corvallis Oregon Stake, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Safe Camp is also supported by First United Methodist Church and the Sangha Jewel Zen Center.

Support This Effort

For information on how you can help support our work, please contact the church office:

541-757-8122 / 

To make a donation to Safe Camp, please go to the giving page on this website.