“This church is just trying to help other people help themselves live better lives.”


First Congregational is a faith community that supports families and provides a variety of ministries to meet ever-changing needs. We like to think that every ministry here is a family ministry. Here are the ministries we offer.

Children and Youth

There are ministries for children of all ages at First Congregational Church, from diapers to diplomas. For a closer look, visit our Children and Youth page.

Caring Circle

Anyone may need a hand, some support or a prayer from time to time. Our informal Caring Circle exists to help members of the congregation when they are in crisis or simply feel fragile.


The Caring Circle grew from our congregation itself. People recognized their friends sometimes could use a hand up or a shoulder to cry on. Our clergy can’t do it all and we have many talented lay people who want to minister to others. So, we matched people’s needs with people’s gifts.


Learn how you can be part of the Caring Circle!

Circle of Trust

This is your opportunity to develop a deep, clear sense of self and others in a safe environment. Our group uses the Parker Palmer approach to create a process of shared exploration, nurture professional and personal integrity and develop the courage to act. We invite you to focus on your questions of life with clarity.

Lectionary Ministry

Are you looking to find a better, deeper understanding of the Bible or lessons from each week’s service? Join our small group once a week to talk about it. We typically gather at a local assisted living location where many of our longtime members now live, making it easier for them to participate.

These get-togethers are well suited for anyone who is unable to attend church on Sunday mornings.

Men's Circle

Here is a safe place for men to openly and authentically talk about themselves, life and God. It’s safe because everyone commits to confidentially among the group. Nothing leaves the room. This is an opportunity for each man in the group to explore who they are and what they want.​​​​​​​

Saturday Supper

We invite everyone to join us for a community potluck Sabbath supper. This is an opportunity for families and younger members of the congregation to get together for some food, conversation, playtime for the kids and a chance to connect with each other.

Check our calendar for the next Saturday Supper. (links to calendar)

Soul Care

Join us around the fireplace with a hot tea or coffee. Get comfortable and find comfort listening to your soul. This is your time for discussion, reflection, meditation and even some silence.

We may use a book or a short reading to help prompt the conversation. You don’t even have to read the material in advance. In the end, it’s what you say that matters.

Come as you are and join us in this informal setting. Check our calendar for the next Soul Care meeting. (links to calendar)

Yoga Church

Do you like yoga? Are you looking for some restorative poses that help both your body and your mind? Spirituality is a holistic practice so consider bringing your mat for some meditation once a week.

Yoga Church is your place to care for both your body and your soul. Can’t make it to church on Sunday morning? Consider this alternative. Namaste.

Ask us about it!