The renovation of our Sanctuary has been completed. We now have a space that is conducive to a sense of worship and transcendence, and that also has maximum flexibility for uses other than worship.


Renovation highlights:


  • Removal of pews
  • Removal of old flooring and asbestos abatement
  • Installation of new wood flooring in Sanctuary and Fireplace Room
  • Purchase of new, upholstered, stackable chairs
  • Installation of new, sound-proof, moveable wall between Sanctuary and Fireplace Room
  • Installation of a ramp for inclusive access to the podium
  • Relocation of the choir loft to the left side of the organ, to improve the integration of the choir into worship 
  • Installation of double doors between the Sanctuary and the Music Room for easy moving of grand piano and chairs
  • Updated our A/V capabilities to faciliate livestreaming of worship



As of June 2022, we have not yet completed the design and build of an audio/video booth.

  • sanctuary_1000.jpg
  • sanctuary_side_1000.jpg
  • sanctuary_organ_1000.jpg
  • sanctuary_AV_room_1000.jpg

This is a slide show of the computer aided design of our renovation.

Sermon by Rev. Donna Schaper from Judson Memorial UCC in New York City, titled "Bricks and Mortals."

"I frequently consult about 'Bricks and Mortals,' about church buildings and what an asset they are in the 21st century.  They appear to be a problem but are actually an opportunity.  By 'Bricks and Mortals' I mean the extraordinary opportunity that exists hidden in plain site around religious buildings.  The possibilities for adaptation are endless!  And interesting.  Congregations may be getting smaller, maintenance costs getting larger -- and Spirit can find ways to see ways forward!”
- Rev. Donna Schaper

Mid-June construction / design meeting with Carl Christianson, Sarah Maisel, Neal Peterson, and Walter Balk.