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These images show different configurations of seating for demonstration purposes only. The specific setup of seating with distance between rows has not been determined yet.


Your Sanctuary Renovation Team has been hard at work! We have regularly met with Carl Christianson and Sarah Maizel, and we have looked at different options to find a design that meets your charge as a congregation to have the renovated Sanctuary be a space that is conducive to a sense of worship and transcendence, and that also has maximum flexibility for our external mission uses.

A ramp will be installed on the left side of the pulpit area to give better access to the podium. In addition, the choir loft will be moved to the left side of the organ because we recognized that the choir needed to be more integrated into the life of the worshipping community.

An audio/video booth will be installed in a corner of the music room with a window looking out to the sanctuary. Our A/V capabilities need to be updated, as after COVID many people will choose to stay connected with our community without physically entering the building.

Next to the A/V booth we will have a set of double doors for a more direct access to the music room.

The computer-generated images on this page do not reflect the final color scheme. Next steps will include making decisions on flooring and seating. We will keep you updated.  We are excited about the design and we hope you, too!

Sermon by Rev. Donna Schaper from Judson Memorial UCC in New York City, titled "Bricks and Mortals."

"I frequently consult about 'Bricks and Mortals,' about church buildings and what an asset they are in the 21st century.  They appear to be a problem but are actually an opportunity.  By 'Bricks and Mortals' I mean the extraordinary opportunity that exists hidden in plain site around religious buildings.  The possibilities for adaptation are endless!  And interesting.  Congregations may be getting smaller, maintenance costs getting larger -- and Spirit can find ways to see ways forward!”
- Rev. Donna Schaper

June 2021 Update


Exciting news! After the deconstruction of the Sanctuary over the last months, we are now entering the phase of renewal: Carl Christianson has begun work on the renovation of our Sanctuary.

His crew is modifying the front podium before they begin work on the new choir area.

The wood for the new floor already has been delivered, and we hope it will be installed in the second half of July. In preparation of the flooring installation, the floor has been leveled. In the pictures you can see this in the lighter areas of the floor.


Mid-June construction / design meeting with Carl Christianson, Sarah Maisel, Neal Peterson, and Walter Balk.